IT services

IT is constantly changing. You need to keep up with the change.

We can do it for you.

Our typical client is an organization with less than 100 staff, who need expertise in IT management.

We can help you with:

  • software
  • hardware (both PC and Mac)
  • security
  • networks
  • cloud (experts in both Google’s G Suite and Microsoft’s Office 365)
  • web servers
  • system integration
  • custom software solutions

A few examples of our work

Svenska Teatern

We helped “Svenskis” move their file and email services to G Suite (Google Apps). This project involved training around 120 employees in using cloud based services, planning, migrating and deploying a cloud service.

Fontana Media

Fontana is a publishing house with book publising, and a big weekly magazine. When 100 000 people are waiting for their magazine, things are not allowed to go wrong. 

Finnish city

Name of city withhold. We helped a Finnish city’s education department, including all of their schools, to switch to a distributed software model; where software is deployed on-demand. No more need to run around updating 2000+ laptops with the newest version of Microsoft Word.

As a result of the education department project going well, we helped the whole city organization transfer their email to Microsoft Exchange.

This included planning, migration, server setup and training of all staff.